990-US ELF: UltraTax CS warnings after creating electronic files (FAQ)

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How does UltraTax CS warn me to not enter data in a return after the return's electronic file has been created and is ready for transmission?


UltraTax CS warnings include the following:

  • The Electronic Filing tab in Utilities > CS Connect shows a red exclamation point (!) preceding the Client ID column for clients whose data has changed since the creation of the electronic file.
  • UltraTax CS displays a warning dialog if you open a client's return for whom the ELF file created status event has been logged.

    Note: UltraTax CS automatically marks the ELF file created status event by default. To access this electronic filing event and other status events, click the Discourage Access button on the Setup > Office Configuration > Status tab.

If you create an electronic file and subsequently change the tax return, you must re-create the electronic file before you transmit the return.

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