Entering contributions (990)

Alerts and notices

The type and amount of contribution determines where you'll enter the information.

Fundraising or special events contributions

Go to the Event-2 or Even-2PF screen and use the Contributions received field. If you don't have an event added yet, go to Entering fundraising / gaming information for instructions.

Less than $5000

If a contributor gave less than $5000, go to the Income or IncomePF screen and use the fields in the Contributions, Gifts, Grants, Etc. section. If you have multiple contributions of less than $5000, enter the total.

$5000 or more

If $5000 or more was received from a single contributor, repeat these steps for each contributor.

  1. Go to View > Contributor/Officer > Contributor information.
  2. If you don't have the contributor added, add them.
  3. Enter the contribution amounts on the Contribution tab. See Entering contributor information for details.