Where do I enter asset data?

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See also: Customizing asset data entry and calculation options

With UltraTax CS, you have two options for entering your clients' asset data. Before you begin processing returns, you should decide which method you want to use. We strongly recommend you use the same method for all clients.

  • Detailed asset data entry: You can enter detailed asset data in the built-in UltraTax CS asset module. The asset module offers detailed tracking of assets as well as a variety of reporting options. This method of asset data entry is selected by default.
  • Summary asset data entry: You can enter summary asset information directly onto Screens 4562, 4684, Sale, 8824, 8829, CO, Auto, 2106, and 2106-2.

To change how you want to enter asset information for an open client, choose File > Client Properties, click the Advanced Properties button, click the Enter Asset Detail tab, and clear or mark the Enter asset detail information checkbox.