Display Calculation dialog

Alerts and notices

This dialog in the asset module displays an explanation of how depreciation is calculated for the current asset. If the application automatically limited the calculated depreciation for any reason, it displays a commentary line at the bottom of the dialog. Note that the application defaults to displaying the calculation for the column in the Depreciation tab of the Asset Detail dialog where the cursor was located when you chose Tasks > Display Calculation. You can select a different treatment if desired.

If the current asset is an aggregate asset, this dialog also lists each component asset. The explanation in the bottom half of the dialog corresponds to the highlighted component asset.

This dialog is accessible when the Asset Detail dialog is open. Choose Tasks > Display Calculation or click the column heading for the desired treatment to open the Display Calculation dialog.

Fields & buttons

Aggregate asset detail group box

Note: This group box appears only if the current asset is an aggregate asset.

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