Disposal tab or Mass Disposition > Enter Disposal Information dialog

Alerts and notices

Disposing of multiple assets (approx. 2.5 minutes)

Note: The Disposal tab is identical to the Enter Disposal Information dialog.

Use the Disposal tab or Enter Disposal Information dialog in the asset module to enter or modify disposal information for the current asset or to enter or modify information for a mass disposition. Also, use this tab or dialog to enter information for preparing Form 4797, Part III, and to enter information for installment sales.

Note: Assets transferred to another activity or association cannot be disposed.

To open this tab or dialog, open the Asset List window and do one of the following steps.

After you enter the method and date of disposal, fields appear in the tab that are specific to that method of disposal.

Special information

Fields & buttons

Click this button to open the Disposal Wizard, which walks you through the process of entering disposal information.

Enter the date in service in MMDDYY format.

Enter the date in service to be used for all assets in this Mass Disposition. If this field is left blank the system will use the date in service of the first asset in the mass disposition to determine if the disposition is short-term or long-term.

Select a method from the drop-down list to indicate the type of disposal for the current asset. See Disposal methods for more information.

Enter the date of disposition in MMDDYY format.

For information on the fields that are available for each method of disposal, click the link for the appropriate method of disposal. (Note that no additional fields are available for the Out of Service and Retired methods of disposal.)

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