Editing the components of an aggregate asset

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See also: Like-kind exchanges for IRS Notice 2000-4 and Reg. 1.168(i)-6

The aggregate asset's Depreciation tab is a read-only summary of the component assets' information.

Note: Information on the Depreciation tab can only be edited at the component level. Depreciation information on all other tabs (Disposal, Vehicle/Listed, Home Office, and Other) is edited at the aggregate level.

To edit component asset information on the Depreciation tab, perform the following steps.

  1. Open the Asset List window for an activity.
  2. In the Asset List window, highlight the aggregate asset.
  3. Click the Modify button.
  4. In the Asset Detail dialog's Depreciation tab, click the Edit Components Edit Components button button next to the word "Aggregate" in the upper left corner of the Depreciation tab.
  5. In the Components for Aggregate Asset dialog, select the component you want to edit.
  6. Click the Edit button.

    The Asset Detail dialog for the component asset opens.

  7. When you are done editing the component, click Done.

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