Nebraska Personal Property Tax

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The UltraTax/Nebraska Personal Property Tax application supports 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, and 1120S entities. It prepares the personal property tax returns from depreciation data entered in the Asset Detail dialog.

Nebraska forms and schedules

Depreciation treatments required for all NE PPT assets

The Tax or NE treatment must be entered for Nebraska Personal Property Tax returns. By default, the Tax treatment transfers to the return. However, if 3 is entered in the Choose treatment within the Asset module to complete return field on Screen Gen in the General folder for UltraTax/Nebraska Personal Property Tax, the NE treatment will transfer to the return.

Note: If you previously entered depreciation data for only the Tax treatment, you can copy asset data from the Tax treatment to the Book treatment or to the NE treatment.

Associations required for all NE PPT assets

Additional associations for NE PPT assets

Quantity: Enter information in this field to transfer information to the Number of Items field in the Nebraska Net Book Value Schedule.

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