1041 e-file error: R0000-901-01

Alerts and notices


Filer's EIN and Name Control in the Return Header must match data in the e-file database. (value #########, rule R0000-901-01)

Note: The value represents the EIN that was present in the e-file.


The error indicates that the IRS e-file database shows a different name control for the EIN included in the electronic file. You may have sent the wrong EIN in the e-file, or the name control needs to be forced.


Check that the EIN and Family name for electronic filing name control on the screen 1041 in the General folder are correct. If they are incorrect, fix them and re-create and retransmit the return.

If the EIN and family name are correct, the name control is the issue. Check the Name Control fields on the ELF screen in the Electronic Filing folder. You can use the Force field to enter a different name control if necessary.

Note: Refer to the "Name Control" section of IRS publication 4164 for information and guidelines regarding the name control. See Name control guidelines for 1041 electronic filing for more information on how the IRS and UltraTax CS determines the name control.

You may need to contact the IRS Business and Specialty Tax line at 800.829.4933 to find out what name control they have on file. If the name control cannot be reconciled, the return will have to be filed on paper.

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