1041-US ELF: Payment options for electronic returns

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If you electronically file a 1041 return or an extension with a balance due, the following payment options are available.

  • Electronic funds withdrawal (EFW): On Screen ELF, enter a date in the Requested payment date field for when you want those funds withdrawn. The Requested payment date field is a required entry if you want the IRS to withdraw funds. You also need to complete the bank information on Screen Bank. For more information see, Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) (1041).
  • Pay by check:
    • For Form 1041, mail the check to the IRS Service Center where the paper return would be filed with Form 1041-V.
    • Form 7004 and Form 8868, mail the check with the Extension remittance letter to the Internal Revenue Service, Ogden Submission Processing Center, Mail Stop 6052, Ogden, Utah 84201.

The IRS does not allow direct deposit of a refund on Form 1041. The IRS does allow a refund to be direct deposited for Form 1040NR.

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