Opening the State allocation spreadsheet (1041)

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Use the State allocation spreadsheet to enter information for the federal items to be allocated. The spreadsheet consists of a series of tabs. For example, Schedule K-1 consists of four tabs: Income, Deductions, Self-employment items, and Adjustments. You can assign percentages of federal amounts to a specific state, provided that state is being processed for the current return, or you can enter unique values for one or more items within a particular state, or a combination of both.

In addition, reports of the allocated amounts can be sent to your printer or to FileCabinet CS if you are licensed for that product and it is installed.

To access the State allocation spreadsheet, open a 1041 client and choose View > Allocation (or click the Allocation button on the input screen). Note that you need to have at least one state return attached to the open client to access the spreadsheet and the State field on the main activity screen needs to have a postal code entered.

Note: You can also click the Allocation button which is available on applicable input screens. The text on the Allocation button will be red if data is present, or blue if data is not present, in the State allocation spreadsheet.

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