1040-US ELF: Funds were not withdrawn on the date requested (FAQ)

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The IRS did not withdraw my client's funds on the date we requested. Why?


If the payment date requested was a weekend or bank holiday, the payment will not be withdrawn until the next business day (in that event, the bank may put a hold on those funds and treat the withdrawal as a pending transaction). Note that the IRS states in Publication 3611, IRS Electronic Payments, that as long as the requested withdrawal date entered was on the due date or earlier, the IRS will consider the withdrawal a timely payment regardless of when it actually debits your client’s account.

Note that the bank may have denied the IRS debit request. In this situation, the taxpayer must contact their bank to verify if this was the case.

Also, the requested withdrawal date may not have been entered in Screen ELF, located in the Electronic Filing folder, before you electronically filed the return. To verify that the date was entered and transmitted in the electronic file, view the electronic file contents by choosing Utilities > Electronic Filing Status, highlighting the applicable client, and clicking the View button.

Taxpayers may also call 888.353.4537 to inquire about payments but should wait 7 – 10 days after the return is accepted before calling.

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