1040-US ELF: Master File rejections (FAQ)

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What action can I take to resolve IRS Master File rejections?


The IRS issues an Error Reject Code (ERC) when the IRS rejects an electronic file. To correct the error code, verify that the information entered in UltraTax CS agrees with supporting documents, such as a Social Security card, that your clients provide for their returns.

To view IRS rejections for an electronic file, retrieve the acknowledgment, choose Utilities > Electronic Filing Status, double-click the client to expand the client's information, and click the button in the Comment column to display the error code numbers and text.

Example of a Master File rejection

Error R0000-504-02: Database Validation Error: /Return/ReturnData/IRS1040/DependentSSN: Each 'DependentSSN' and the corresponding 'DependentNameControlTxt' that has a value on Line 6c(2) of the return, must match the SSN and Name Control in the e-File database. (value 123456789, rule R0000-504-02) - This is common for a Social Security Number mismatch. Typically, the SSN is a transposed number that causes the rejection.

The IRS - age name, SSN reject, errors correction procedure is an online resource that offers guidance when an electronic tax return is rejected for a dependent's Social Security number used more than once or on another return. Also, you can contact the IRS by phone; for IRS contact information, visit IRS Telephone Assistance.

If you cannot resolve the rejection, enter the IRS rejection code in the IRS error reject code (ERC) field in the Form 8948 - Paper Filing Exceptions section in Screen ELF in the Electronic Filing folder, and then paper file the return.

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