1040-US ELF: Using PIN signatures with electronically filed extensions (FAQ)

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Can I use PIN signatures with electronically filed extensions?


Yes. You can enter the necessary data in Screen PIN to create electronic extensions. Form 4868 filers who are not using the Electronic Funds Withdrawal (direct debit) option do not require PIN information.

If you are filing Form 4868 and are using the EFW option or filing Form 2350, you must enter the following additional information in Screen PIN. If you do not complete the required fields, UltraTax CS generates a diagnostic message and does not create the electronic extension file.

  • Preparer PIN
  • Taxpayer and, if applicable, Spouse PINs
  • Prior-year adjusted gross income from the original return (not the amended return)

Note: The Practitioner PIN option is not available for Form 2350 electronic extensions.

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