Paying a balance due extension via EFW (1040)

Alerts and notices

To request an Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) to pay a balance due extension or an estimated tax payment, do the following:

  1. Open Screen 1040 in the General folder, and enter the client’s phone number in the Daytime telephone/ext number field.
  2. Click the Bank tab, enter the primary bank account information, and complete the Taxpayer verified all bank information by: field in the Direct Deposit / Electronic Funds Withdrawal section.
  3. Open Screen ELF in the Electronic Filing folder, and select 4868 in the File extension electronically field in the Extension Information section.
  4. Enter the payment date in the Electronic funds withdrawal for extensions requested payment date field.
  5. Open Screen Ext in the Payments folder, and select 1 (Calculate first extension) in the Calculate extension field.
  6. Open Screen PIN in the Electronic Filing folder, and enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) information in the following fields.
    • ERO PIN
    • Signature date
    • Taxpayer PIN
    • Spouse PIN (if applicable)

    Note: You can use either the Practitioner PIN or the Self-Select PIN for an electronic Form 4868 extension with EFW.

  7. Complete data entry for the extension.

Note: Only one bank account can be used for EFW payments. For more information on EFW, see the IRS website.