Paying a balance due via EFW (1040)

Alerts and notices

You can designate a balance due on an electronically filed return to be automatically debited from a client's bank account. To request an Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) to pay a balance due, do the following:

  1. In Screen 1040, located in the General folder, enter a daytime telephone number.
  2. In Screen ELF, located in the Electronic Filing folder, enter the date you want to have the amount debited from the bank account in the Electronic funds withdrawal for balance due returns: Requested payment date field. This date may not be later than April 15 or the date the return is filed for extended returns.

    Note: Enter X in the Use requested payment date of 4/15/2019 field to enter 4/15/19 as the requested payment date.

  3. To have only a portion of the balance due debited, enter an amount in the Amount of tax payment (Force) field.

    Note: If electronically filing Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request, with the return, enter the amount in the Amount paid with the tax return or notice field in Screen 9465. For more information about partial EFW payment for Form 9465, see Paying a partial EFW for a Form 9465 installment agreement.

  4. In Screen Bank in the General folder, enter the bank account information in the Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Withdrawal section.