Entering EFW data for estimated tax payments (return or extension) (1040)

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Electronic filers can designate an electronic funds withdrawal (EFW) on their designated bank account for one or more estimated tax payments to be filed with either the electronic return or the electronic extension.

Note: The IRS accepts EFW payment information only when submitted with an electronically filed tax return or extension. If the bank account or estimate amounts change, you must cancel the payment and choose another payment method. For information about canceling the payment, see the Cancellation, Errors and Questions section of the Pay Taxes by Electronic Funds Withdrawal page.

To enter EFW information for estimated payments, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the client's return.
  2. Open Screen ELF in the Electronic Filing folder.
  3. Enter 1 (Return) or 2 (Extension) in the appropriate Electronic funds withdrawal for estimated tax by quarter field to have the estimates withdrawn for that quarter.
  4. For extensions: Enter a withdrawal date in the Electronic funds withdrawal for extensions requested payment date field in the Extension Information section.
  5. Open Screen 1040 in the General folder.
  6. Enter a daytime telephone number in the Daytime telephone / ext number field.
  7. Click the Bank tab to open Screen Bank.
  8. Complete the primary bank account information in the Direct Deposit / Electronic Funds Withdrawal section.
  9. Create the return or extension.


  • Extensions: After you create the electronically filed extension that includes an electronic funds withdrawal of estimated tax payments, UltraTax CS updates the amounts in the Calculated amounts field in Screen ELF. Enter X in the Treat code 2 calculated amounts as paid, and transfer to Screen Est, 2019 Estimates paid field(s) checkbox to have the Estimated Tax Payments Worksheet reflect the paid amounts when you later process the estimates with the tax return.
  • After the April 20th perfection period, you can no longer file first quarter estimates. Refer to the 1040 Modernized e-File (MeF) program business rules for more information about the dates that apply to estimate payments.
  • If an electronic funds withdrawal (EFW) is requested and accepted for estimated tax payments with an accepted, electronically filed extension (the Electronic funds withdrawal for estimated tax by quarter field has code 2 in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th fields), do not use code 1 for those same estimated tax payments when electronically filing the taxpayer's return. Changing codes could result in two withdrawals by the IRS for the same estimated tax payment. If you need to change estimated tax payment information after the estimate EFW request is accepted with an extension, see the Cancellation, Errors and Questions section of the Pay Taxes by Electronic Funds Withdrawal page on the IRS website. This page contains information about cancelling an EFW for an existing estimated tax payment and choosing a new payment method.

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