Entering a foreign address for electronic returns (1040)

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The IRS requires that you enter specific data when you enter an address for a taxpayer who lives outside the U.S. with a foreign residential address or APO / FPO address. To enter a residential foreign address, do the following:

  1. Open Screen 1040 in the General folder.
  2. Enter the street address in the Address field. If applicable, enter an apartment number in the Apartment number field.
  3. Enter the city in the City field.
  4. Enter a period (".") in the State field.
  5. Leave the Zip code field blank.
  6. Enter the foreign country code in the Foreign country code / name field. To determine the foreign country code, click the drop-down arrow for the field and select the code from the list. UltraTax CS automatically enters the foreign country name when you select the country code.
  7. Enter the foreign province or foreign county in the Foreign province / county field.
  8. Enter the foreign postal code in the Foreign postal code field.

Note: If the individual's address is in Canada, you can enter the Canadian province in the State field. UltraTax CS will automatically complete the foreign address information in the Foreign country code / name field and in the Foreign province / county field.

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