Electronic filing guidelines for 1040 Screen RAL

Alerts and notices

Use Screen RAL to enter the information necessary to complete the application form to request an Electronic Refund Disbursement Service (DS) or Refund Advance (ADV) through Refund Advantage or EPS Financial. UltraTax CS uses the information you enter in this screen to complete the Application for Electronic Refund Account.

UltraTax CS allows you to enter information related to ERDS, but does not handle the transactions. If you have trouble with this service, contact Refund Advantage at 800.967.4834 or EPS Financial at 484.546.2240./p>

To access the Screen RAL fields, you must have completed the setup procedure to indicate that you want to participate. After you submit the application to Refund Advantage or EPS Financial and receive approval, indicate participation in the bank products by doing the following:

  1. Choose Setup > 1040 Individual.
  2. Click the Bank Products button, and mark the Use Electronic Refund Disbursement Service checkbox.
  3. Click the Validate button to receive enrollment information from Refund Advantage or EPS Financial.
Field Description
Type of Electronic Refund Disbursement Service (ERDS) Use this field to designate the bank product for which the client wants to apply. A fieldview is available from which to select the product.
Disbursement method Use this field to designate the method by which the client will receive the refund.
Tax preparation fee Use this field to enter the fee you are charging to prepare the return and to apply this fee to the bank product. This amount, plus fees entered in Setup > 1040 Individual > Bank Products, is subtracted from the client's refund proceeds.

Selecting a bank product, such as a RAL, for the federal return does not also select the product for the state return. To request a state bank product, mark the Use Refund Advantage/EPS Financial for refund deposit field in the applicable state's Screen Bank.

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