Passive loss information FAQs (1040)

Alerts and notices

The following includes answers to common questions about passive activities.

My client disposed of a passive activity this year, but the sale does not appear on Form 8582. Why?

My client has passive income from other activities and/or has not used their entire special allowance for rental real estate. The client disposed of a passive activity on the installment basis, but the suspended losses are not being completely allowed. Why?

I see passive fields on many input screens, but there is no screen dedicated to Form 8582. How do I enter passive activities?

UltraTax CS has released all of the suspended passive losses for a rental real estate property that was completely disposed. Is there a special $25,000 allowance for rental real estate?

Why isn't UltraTax CS using the Special Allowance for Rental Real Estate rules and allowing losses on rental real estate?

Losses are not allowed for rental to a related party, so why is UltraTax CS allowing such losses?

How do I specify in UltraTax CS that the taxpayer is renting to a nonpassive activity, also known as "self-rented property?"

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