Completing amended returns in UltraTax CS (1040)

Alerts and notices

To amend a 1040 Individual return and prepare Form 1040X, perform the following steps.

Note: You may find it helpful to create a copy of your client prior to entering amended information. Doing so ensures that you have both an original copy and an amended copy of the client. To make a copy of the client, open the client and choose File > Save As, enter a new client ID, and click Save. 

  1. Verify the information on Form 1040 is the information that was originally reported.

    Note: Originally reported information is defined as the information originally reported to the IRS. The application treats information contained in the return the last time it was printed as originally reported information. If any changes have been made after the return was filed, either remove those changes before performing the following steps or do not mark the Transfer original information field in Screen Amend, as described in Step 3.

  2. Print or Print Preview the original tax return by choosing File > Print Returns or FilePreview. Repeat this step any time you make a change to the return.
  3. In Screen Amend, located in the Separate Filings folder, enter X in the Transfer original information field.


    • If you are also amending a state return, select the applicable state in the Transfer state(s)? dialog before making changes to the federal information. When you do so, the application automatically marks the Transfer original information checkbox in the state's Amend screen.
    • To amend the state return only, leave this screen blank and mark the Transfer original information checkbox in the state’s Screen Amend.
  4. In the applicable input screens, make the necessary changes to the active client data.
  5. In Screen Amend, enter information in the Explanation of changes field.

Note: You cannot amend prior-year returns in the current-year application. For example, you cannot amend a return you created with the 2017 application with the 2018 application. You can only amend a return using the same version of the application with which you created it.

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