1040-US: Entering charitable contribution carryovers

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Where do I enter charitable contribution carryovers?


Enter regular and AMT 50 percent, 30 percent, 20 percent, and qualified conservation charitable contribution carryovers in Screen CO in the Carryovers folder. The current-year allowable carryovers automatically transfer to Schedule A. Carryover amounts available to next year are reduced by carryover amounts utilized in the current year, after adjusted gross income limitations. For each category of contributions, current-year contributions are utilized prior to any carryover amounts. The allowable contributions are figured starting with the 50 percent contributions, then 30 percent, and so on. The Charitable Contributions Carryover Worksheet and Qualified Conservation Contribution Carryover Worksheet show all amounts utilized in the current year as well as any carryover amounts generated.

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