1040-US: Entering motor vehicle contributions for Form 8283

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How do I enter a motor vehicle contribution?


Complete all data entry for the contribution of a motor vehicle on Screen 1098C, Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats and Airplanes (located in the Itemized Deductions folder), even if the taxpayer received a written acknowledgement other than Form 1098-C.

  • If the donee organization provided the details of the contribution on a form other than Form 1098-C, enter X in the Information below is reported on contemporaneous written acknowledgement other than Form 1098-C field, and complete the applicable fields in the 1098-C Facsimile or Contemporaneous Written Acknowledgement section.
  • If the donee organization provided Form 1098-C, complete the screen using the 1098-C facsimile as a guide.

Use the Reporting method field in the Other Information for Donated Property section to identify which page of Form 8283 the contribution should be reported on. Refer to the Form 8283 instructions for full details on what information is required on Form 8283 for the donated vehicle. If the taxpayer is filing the return electronically, Form 1098-C or an equivalent contemporaneous written acknowledgement must be attached to the return, either via PDF attachment, or with Form 8453. For more information, see the PDF attachments section in the Electronic filing FAQs (1040).

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