1040-US: Paying estimates via credit card, debit card, or direct pay

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What does the taxpayer need to do to pay estimate payments via credit card, debit card, or direct pay?


By credit or debit card:

To pay by credit or debit card, the taxpayer can visit the IRS credit/debit card site, and/or call one of the following numbers.

  • Pay1040.com (1-888-729-1040)
  • OfficialPayments.com/fed (1-888-872-9829)
  • payUSAtax.com (1-844-729-8298)

A convenience fee is charged by the credit card processor based on the amount being paid. The taxpayer will be advised of the amount of this fee when they call. The fee can also be determined on the Internet at pay1040.com, or officialpayments.com, or payusatax.com.


By direct pay:

To pay directly from a checking or savings account, the taxpayer can visit the IRS direct pay site. Estimated tax payments can also be made by electronic funds withdrawal when submitted with the electronically filed tax return or extension.


  • There are no fees for this service.
  • You will receive instant confirmation that the payment was submitted.
  • You must have a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to use this service.
  • Bank account information is not retained in IRS systems after payments are made.

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