1040-US: Printing "Paid" on 1040 estimate instructions

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How do I print 1040 Estimate Instructions with estimate amounts indicated as “Paid”?


  1. Choose Setup > 1040 Individual.
  2. Click the Other Return Options button.
  3. Mark the Print “Paid” next to payments indicated as paid on Screen Est checkbox on the Client Documents tab.

The 1040 Estimate Instructions print the text “Paid” next to the voucher payments that are indicated as paid by data entry in the fields 2019 Estimates paid, 1st pymt through 4th pymt, on Screen Est. If the calculated estimates still have a balance due after applying a payment, “Paid” will not print. Estimates that calculate as $0 due to application of an overpayment do not print “Paid.”

Note: This option applies to all 1040 clients and takes immediate effect on any client subsequently accessed.

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