Printing state allocation information reports (1040)

Alerts and notices

Use the following procedure to print an allocation information report for the current client. A report lists the components that will appear on the allocation form.

  1. Open a 1040 client and choose View > Allocation to access the State allocation spreadsheet.

    Note: You must have at least one state return attached to the current client to open the state allocation spreadsheet.

  2. Click the Print button to open the Print Reports dialog.
  3. To print the report to FileCabinet CS in addition to your printer, mark the Store image in FileCabinet CS checkbox if it is not already marked. This checkbox is available if you are licensed for FileCabinet CS and have it installed.

    Note: To print the report only to FileCabinet CS, clear the Printer checkbox.

  4. To print more than one copy, select the desired number in the Copies field.
  5. Click the Print button. Or, if you are printing only to FileCabinet CS, click the To Cabinet button.

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