Setting options for new 1040 clients

Alerts and notices

Use this procedure to specify setup options for all new 1040 clients subsequently added to UltraTax CS. Options set in this dialog are also applied the first time you open a client whose data was converted from another tax application.

  1. Choose Setup > 1040 Individual.

    Note: Depending on your security configuration, you might be prompted to enter the master password and click OK before you can continue.

  2. Click the Federal tab.
  3. Click the New Client Options button to open the New Client Options dialog.


    • New client options set up in the prior year of UltraTax CS will proforma automatically.
    • Until you change them again, the options you choose in this dialog apply to all 1040 clients you subsequently add to UltraTax CS. Deselecting any option from the New Client Options dialog does not affect existing 1040 clients. You must open each individual client and edit accordingly if you do not want a particular option to be used.
    • The settings on this dialog are applied to all 1040 clients whose data was converted from another tax application. These settings are applied the first time the client is opened.
    • For a brief description of the options available in this dialog, press F1 to view the dialog overview.
  4. In the Return Presentation group box, specify options for printing items on returns.
  5. In the Estimates (Screen Est) group box, specify options for overpayment application, estimate declarations, estimate rounding, and estimate due dates.
  6. In the Other group box, specify options for printing worksheets, filing the return electronically, suppressing the state electronic file, printing PIN forms, and specifying the return delivery method.
  7. Click OK to accept the settings and close the dialog, or click Cancel to close the dialog without saving your changes to the option settings.

UltraTax CS also uses other options found within the federal Other Return and New Client Options dialogs to complete state returns you are processing. For example, if you entered Yes in the Authorize discussion with taxing authority field in the New Client Options dialog, applicable states would not need separate data entry for new clients to also answer Yes at the state level. Options available for state use via the federal setup tab are:

New Client Options dialog

  • Presidential election campaign fund designation
  • Authorize discussion with taxing authority
  • Treat the 4th quarter state estimate as due on December 31
  • Print Tax Projection Worksheet

Other Return Options dialog

Include taxpayer daytime telephone number in Signature blocks or Non-signature blocks

For state-specific client options, such as state estimate declaration, see the setup tab for the individual state.