Client Organizer overview

Alerts and notices

UltraTax/1040 Client Organizer not only allows you to create professional tax organizer packages for your clients, but also provides a quick and easy way to enter the organizer data into UltraTax/1040. If you are licensed for Client Organizer, it is installed automatically with UltraTax/1040.

Client Organizer content options

The Lite Client Organizer feature offers an abridged organizer package that can be used for the paper, email, and web versions of UltraTax/1040 Client Organizer. The Lite Client Organizer package contains the most common data entries to help meet the needs of most taxpayers. When you use the Lite Client Organizer package along with other source documents, such as Forms W-2 and 1099 and Schedule K-1, your clients are required to make fewer entries.

Just like the tax input screens and forms, the organizer input screens are grouped in folders that appear in the folders block on the left side of the screen. The input screens are nearly identical to the organizer pages you send to your 1040 clients, so data entry is quick and easy.

Client Organizer setup

  • Before you begin preparing client organizers, complete the necessary setup steps.
  • To select the paper client organizer delivery method for a specific client, choose Setup > Client Communications and select "Paper" in the Organizer Delivery field for that client. After making this selection, the File > Print Organizers dialog will have the Paper option selected automatically for that client. 

Note: You can specify an organizer delivery preference for a batch of clients by choosing Utilities > Reassign Clients, selecting the desired clients, and choosing the appropriate delivery method in the Delivery drop-down list. 

UltraTax/1040 Client Organizer process overview

The following list describes each step in the Client Organizer process. Click the links below for details.

Step 1: Proforma client data and customized documents

Step 2: Adding new clients

Step 3: Determining organizer content

Step 4: Specifying organizer delivery preferences

Step 5: Printing client organizers

Step 6: Entering organizer data

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