Deletion of web organizers from NetClient CS portals

Alerts and notices

With the passing of the October 2019 final extension date and in accordance with our policy, we will delete all 2018 individual web organizers from NetClient CS portals during the first week of November. After this date, you will not be able to retrieve 2018 individual web organizer data via CS Connect for transfer into UltraTax CS. For information about retrieving data from web organizers, see Retrieving data from web client organizers.

We will delete 2018 business web organizers based on the dates on which the organizers were created. Due to businesses having varying fiscal year end dates, we will delete each business web organizer one year from the date it was created.

You will be able to send 2019 web organizers to your clients’ NetClient CS portals after you install UltraTax CS version 2019.1.0, which will be released in late November.