Entering organizer appointment dates and printing the appointment custom paragraph

Alerts and notices

Entering organizer appointment dates

To enter an organizer appointment date, click the Contact tab, located in the General folder. Enter the appointment dates in the Appointment date, time, and duration fields on Screen Contact.


  • At this time, the appointment date cannot be entered on a global basis for all clients. However, by creating a global appointment event via the UltraTax CS status system, you can update the fields on Screen Contact for all clients using identical information.
  • You can enter appointment information in either Tax or Organizer data entry.   

Printing the appointment custom paragraph

To print the Appointment custom paragraph in the client organizer cover letter for any client for whom you want to include appointment information, enter the appropriate information in the Appointment date, time, and duration fields in the Organizer Screen Contact in the General folder. UltraTax CS automatically prints appointment information in the cover letter when the corresponding fields have data. Data entry fields are also available for next year's appointment information, and the information you enter will proforma to next year's version of UltraTax CS.