Including items in the Organizer action items PDF for web or email distribution

Alerts and notices

The action items PDF is a separate, additional PDF attachment that accompanies an email or web client organizer. The items included in this PDF are typically those which require action on the part of the client, such as the Engagement Letter or the Consent to Disclose and Consent to Use forms. 

To include an item in the action items PDF when printing or assembling a 1040 client organizer, complete the following steps. 

  1. Choose Setup > 1040 Individual and click the Organizer tab.
  2. Click the Organizer button in the Collation group box. 
  3. On the Return Collation dialog, highlight the item you want to include in the action items PDF. 
  4. Mark the Include in Electronic Org and Action Items PDF checkboxes. 
  5. Click OK to close the Return Collation dialog when you're done. 

Note: The default Organizer action items PDF includes the Consent to Disclose, Consent to Use, the engagement letter, and Deposit & Electronic Funds Withdrawal.