Sending a web organizer to a client more than once

Alerts and notices

When sending a web organizer to the same client multiple times, you will only be charged one transmission fee for that client. Also, if your client has entered information in the web organizer prior to you re-sending it, that data will be lost.

For details on web organizer transmission fees, please see the CS Professional Suite Price List PDF. (If you have difficulty opening this guide, you may need to download and install the latest version of the Adobe Reader from the Adobe Reader download site.)

Internal notes

Note to User Services: The ELF/PRP/Organizer fees list (which was previously linked here) is being expired by Marketing and is no longer current; they folded that information into the CS Suite Price List PDF linked above. The PDF linked above is current as of April 2017, despite the "prior year" filename and the note about April 2016. (This pricing from 2016 remains in effect in EMS until the November 2017 release of UltraTax CS v17.1.0.) All that said, if you have other concerns here, please contact Justin Matter so he can relay that to the appropriate colleagues in Marketing.