Add Forms button is missing from client's web organizer

Alerts and notices

To enable the Add Forms button on your clients' web organizers so they can insert additional forms as necessary, choose Setup > 1040 Individual > Organizer tab, click the Options button in the NetClient group box, and then clear the Disable the "Add Forms" button in Web Organizer to prevent the client from adding new forms during data entry checkbox. Once enabled, the Add Forms button is located in the bottom-left corner of the Web Client Organizer screen. 

Sending a web organizer to a NetClient CS portal more than once will overwrite the existing web organizer in that portal, deleting any data that the client has entered.


  • The settings enabled on this dialog apply to all web organizers that you subsequently send to your clients. To disable the restrictions set here, clear the applicable checkboxes and re-send the appropriate web organizers.
  • These settings will automatically proforma to next year's version of UltraTax CS.