Printing the organizer engagement letter for all clients at once

Alerts and notices

UltraTax/1040 Client Organizer includes an engagement letter. To print the engagement letter, choose Setup > 1040 Individual > Organizer and mark the Print Individual Engagement Letter checkbox. (Note that this setting will automatically proforma to next year's version of UltraTax CS.) 

To print only the engagement letter for all clients at once, you can modify the Organizer print collation by completing the following steps. This process cannot be used for Web organizers.

  1. Choose Setup > 1040 Individual > Organizer and click the Organizer button in the Print Collation group box.
  2. Mark all items except Engagement Letter as Never. To do this for a group of items, highlight the first item, press the SHIFT key on your keyboard, and highlight the very last item. All items are highlighted, and you can now choose Never.
  3. Click OK twice to return to the main screen of UltraTax CS.
  4. Choose File > Print Organizers.
  5. Select your clients by clicking Clients.
  6. Click OK, and then click Print. Once the Engagement Letter has printed, repeat steps 1 - 3 and change all items back to their original printing status (e.g. If data).


  • Any changes to the Organizer Return Collation will not affect any organizers that you have previously printed or assembled for email or web delivery.
  • You can use the Data Mining utility in the prior-year version of UltraTax CS to print the engagement letter for all 1040 clients by selecting 1040 Individual as the database, specifying Individual Engagement Letter - Next Year as the print selection, and adding a criterion to search All Clients. Once the search is complete, you can click the Print button to print the engagement letter for all 1040 clients simultaneously.