NetClient Organizer Options dialog (Client Organizer)

Alerts and notices

See also: 1040 Client Organizer Help Center

Use this dialog to set options related to your clients' completion of web client organizers in NetClient CS.

To open this dialog, choose Setup > 1040 Individual > Organizer tab and then click the Options button in the NetClient group box.


  • Depending on your security configuration, you might be prompted to enter the master password to access the federal setup dialogs.
  • The settings enabled on this dialog apply to all web organizers that you subsequently send to your clients. To disable the restrictions set here, clear the applicable checkboxes and re-send the appropriate web organizers.

Sending a web organizer to a NetClient CS portal more than once will overwrite the existing web organizer in that portal, deleting any data that the client has entered.

Fields & buttons

Web Questionnaire group box

Mark this checkbox to include the Web Questionnaire in the web organizer that is transmitted to your clients' NetClient CS portals. Clear this checkbox if you want to omit the Web Questionnaire from your clients' web organizers. This feature is enabled by default.

Options group box

Mark this checkbox to disable the Add Forms button in the Web Organizer interface. Doing so prevents the client from creating additional forms while completing their web organizer. (For example, if a client received a Form W-2 from a new employer and you wanted the original source document sent to your office - rather than added as an additional W-2 page in the web organizer - you could mark this checkbox.) You can disable the Add Forms button for both classic and lite client organizer packages. 

Mark this checkbox to prevent clients from submitting multiple versions of the same web organizer by permitting them to click the Send to Preparer button only once. Any subsequent changes to the organizer should then be communicated directly to your office by your client using a method other than the web organizer.

Documents group box

Mark this checkbox to include the cover letter text in the web organizer greeting. If this checkbox is unmarked, the greeting contains only the information necessary for the client to log in to their web organizer in NetClient CS. The NetClient CS portal contains a document that includes all cover letter text, similar to paper client organizers.