1065-US ELF: IRS error code R0000-905-01 (FAQ)

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Why am I getting IRS error code R0000-905-01?


Error code R0000-905-01 - Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) in the Return Header must be listed in the e-file database and in accepted status. If you get this error code, you must call the IRS and verify that you are approved to electronically file 1065 partnership returns. (To be approved, you must register with IRS e-services and submit an e-file application online that indicates that you are electronically filing 1065 returns.) Call the IRS Ogden Help Desk at 866-255-0654, select option 1 to continue in English or option 2 to continue in Spanish, and then follow the prompts for "efiling returns" and "efile applications."

Note: There is a lag time between when the IRS updates its system and when your returns can be transmitted.

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