1065-US ELF: Schedule K and K-1 Activity Worksheets included in the partnership return electronic file (FAQ)

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Are the Schedules K and K-1 Activity Worksheets included in the partnership return electronic file?


Yes. By default, both the Schedule K and Schedule K-1 Activity Worksheets are automatically attached as a PDF file to the partnership return electronic file. Per the Form 1065 instructions, "If the partnership has more than one activity, it must report information for each activity on an attached statement to Schedules K and K-1."


  • Modifying the government collation for the worksheets has no effect on the contents of the electronic file. The electronic file will continue to contain all forms and schedules that are required to be filed (i.e., that are included in the default government collation - except partner packages).
  • If you so choose to exclude the Schedule K and K-1 Activity worksheets from printing and from being included in the electronic file, you can suppress them on Screen K1Misc. To suppress the worksheets from printing for a particular client, select 2 to answer No in the Print activity worksheets (Force) field on Screen K1Misc in the Partner Info, Basis folder.

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