Payment options available for a balance due return FAQ (1065)

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What payment options are available for a balance due on Form 1065?


If the tax due on Form 1065 is for more than one type of tax, or if a failure to file exists, the return must be paper filed and the balance due paid by check. Otherwise, the payment methods available depend on both the type of tax being paid and whether the return is being electronically filed or paper filed.

Type of Tax Due Paper Filed Electronically Filed
Interest due under the look-back method – completed long-term contracts (Form 8697) Check N/A
Interest due under the look-back method – income forecast method (Form 8866) Check N/A
BBA AAR imputed underpayment Check (default) or EFT EFT (default) or EFW
Other taxes Check N/A
FTF penalty Check N/A

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