Partner Data Entry > Partner Information window

Alerts and notices

The Partner Information window has two sections.

To open the Partner Information window, click the Partner Information Partner Information button button, choose View > Partner Information, or press CTRL+R.

Partner Name list

By default, UltraTax CS assigns partner numbers. To assign custom partner numbers, choose Setup > Custom Partner Numbers. To sort the partners alphabetically, by partner number, or by a particular allocated amount, choose Tasks > Sort Partners. Also, you can use the Move Partner Up Move Up button button and Move Partner Down Move Down button button to manually reorder partners in the Partner Name list.

Click this button to add, edit, or delete a partner note. A musical note next to a partner's name indicates an attached note.

This column lists all partners in the partnership. Click a partner's name to open his Partner information summary and Partner tab.

Fields & buttons

Partner information summary group box

This group box lists important partner information, such as the partner's name, address, entity, type, and resident state at year end.

Other fields and buttons

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