UltraTax/1065 Apportionment Form Combination Tables Guide

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The UltraTax/1065 Apportionment Form Combination Tables Guide describes how UltraTax CS combines the amounts you enter in the Apportionment Information window, the Cities and Other Returns dialog, and the State Everywhere Force dialog. The combined amounts are then reported on the apportionment form.

  • In some cases, the number of fields in the Apportionment Information spreadsheet outnumbers the fields on the apportionment form. The Apportionment Information spreadsheet accommodates the greatest number of states possible with minimal additional data entry required in the state tabs.
  • You can view or print the Apportionment Form Combination Tables Guide (PDF) using the Adobe Reader.
  • If you have difficulty opening this guide, you might need to download and install the latest version of the Adobe Reader from the Downloads page of the Adobe website.
  • For a list of other guides you can view, open the UltraTax CS Home Page, and click the Product Information link > 1065 tab > Federal link > Product guides link.

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