1065-US: Form 8865 - Information, statements, and schedules required for each category of filer (FAQ)

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What information, statements, and schedules are required for each category of filer?


The following table details the information, statements, and schedules that are required for each category of filer. This table is also available in the Form 8865 instructions. You should complete only the input screens necessary to complete the required information, statements, and schedules. UltraTax CS does not suppress the completion of these schedules based on your selection for the Category of filer field in Screen Filer in the General folder. See the Form 8865 instructions for details about the different types of categories of filers.

Required information Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4
Identifying information X X X X
Schedule A X X X X
Schedule A-1 X X
Schedule A-2 X X X X
Schedule B X
Schedule G X X X
Schedule H X X X
Schedule K X
Schedule L X
Schedule M X
Schedule M-1 X
Schedule M-2 X
Schedule N X X
Schedule D (Form 1065) X
Schedule K-1 X X
Schedule O X
Schedule P X

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