2290 e-file error: R0000-922-01

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Filer's EIN and Name Control in the Return Header must match data in the e-File database, unless "Name Change" or "Name or Address Change" checkbox is checked, if applicable.


Verify the following information.

  • Verify that the EIN for this return is correct. 
  • Verify the Name control field on the 2290 screen in the General folder is complete. There are two fields, one field calculates automatically and the other allows you to force the name control if the calculated value is incorrect. Verify that the correct name control is being used. For more information, refer to Publication 4163, Modernized e-File (MEF) Information for Business Returns, or call the IRS E-file Help Desk at 866.255.0654.

    Note: You can also call this line before electronically filing a return. In order to receive the name control, the person calling must meet one of the following categories.

  • Be the Tax Matters Partner.
  • Be the Paid Preparer on the prior year return and the paid preparer box on the return to discuss is marked Yes. (The designation expires one year after the due date of the return in question. There are no exceptions or extensions to the expiration date.)
  • Have or provide a Form 8821, Tax Information Authorization, authorizing you to discuss the Partnership's entity information.

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