Viewing the status and content of 2290 electronically filed returns

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To view the status of electronically transmitted returns, do the following:

  1. Verify that all acknowledgments

    Every return transmitted is acknowledged by the receiving agency (such as the IRS) via the return of an acknowledgment (ACK) file to the transmitter. The acknowledgment file is a record of whether the transmitted returns have been accepted or rejected, along with any errors discovered by the receiving agency. The transmitter generally receives this file from the agency within two days of transmitting the returns.

    When Thomson Reuters is the transmitter, these acknowledgments are made available through CS Connect 15 minutes after they are received from the agency.

    have been received. See Transmitting electronic returns and retrieving acknowledgments using CS Connect for more information.
  2. Choose Utilities > Electronic Filing Status to open the Electronic Filing Status dialog, or click the Electronic Filing Status Electronic Filing Status button button on the UltraTax CS toolbar. Clients who have had any electronic filing activity, such as an electronic return file created or transmitted, will be listed in the Electronic Filing Status dialog.
  3. Use the Focus fields at the bottom of the dialog to refine the list of clients.

    Note: 2290 client returns are organized under the Other option.

  4. Click the View button next to a client to view the contents of the electronic file.

    Note: To search for an item in the electronic file, press CTRL+F and enter the text you want to search.

For more information about the fields and buttons in the Electronic Filing Status dialog, press F1 while the dialog is open.

You can also click the plus sign next to a client in the status list to expand the client's additional information. If additional electronic filing status details, such as acknowledgments or business rules, are available for the client, a Details button is available in the Comment column. Click the Details button, if available, to open the Details dialog to view additional information.

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