1040-IN ELF: Electronic filing error codes

Alerts and notices

To learn how to address specific Indiana electronic filing error codes, click an error code in the following table. Note that there may be more than one reason that a specific error code generates.

Error code Potential message
CSI003 State tax withheld on Line 1 of Schedule 5/F and county tax withheld on line 2 of Schedule 5/F must match total of all withholding documents. OR Return does not qualify for electronic filing when withholding reported on Schedule 5 or Schedule F includes state withholding and county withholding not supported by detail from W-2, W-2G, 1099-R, Screen INOthWH, or Screen INWH18.

Description of Error Code CSI003

If there is state tax withheld on line 1, or county tax withheld on line 2 of Schedule 5 or Schedule F, then supplemental withholding documents must be attached to the electronic file. 

Note:There are other business rule codes that apply to this error. See the IN Mef handbook for more detail.

Resolution: Check for the following:

  • When withholding is reported on a W-2, W-2G or 1099R, the electronic record will include the necessary source documents. Verify data entry is complete on the corresponding screen.
  • When withholding is reported via a K-1, supplemental data entry is required on Screen INWH18 (in the Payments folder). Verify data entry is complete on Screen INWH18 and box 8 includes the total amount of state withholdings from the K1 and box 9 includes the total amount of county withholdings from the K1.
  • When other withholding is entered on federal Screen StPmt, supplemental data entry is required on IN Screen INOthWH (in the Payments folder). Verify data entry on Screen INOthWH.
FIT40-037 If Line 26, BalanceDueWithReturn, is not null and greater than zero, it must equal sum of Line 23, SubtotAmountDue, Line 24, LatePenaltyAmount, and Line 25, InterestDue amounts

Description of Error Code FIT40-037

This error is caused by there being both an overpayment and penalties calculating in the same return

Resolution: Choose one of the following:

  • Suppress the penalties on Indiana Screen Pen, in the Payments folder
  • Paperfile the Indiana return
INGEN-007 Invalid County Tax Rate

Description of Error Code IN-GEN-007

The county rate that you are using is not correct based on the county(ies) where the taxpayer(s) reside/work. Please check the most current county tax rates table at: https://secure.in.gov/dor/software/proofs/3889.htm for the most current rates. (rule INGEN-007)

Resolution: Check for the following:

  • Overrides on the schedule or form - If you have overridden a county tax rate to zero (0) or blank, the DOR will reject the return. If the taxpayer is not subject to Indiana county tax, do not override the schedule or form. Instead, enter County Code 00 for County of Residence or County of Employment, as applicable, to indicate that the taxpayer was not subject to county tax as of January 1 of the tax year. 
  • County codes entered do not reflect filing status - UltraTax CS proformas the county codes for the taxpayer and the spouse to Screen INGen. If the filing status has changed to Single or Head of Household (HOH), remove the county codes for the spouse from Screen INGen.
  • Resident of a reciprocal state - If you are filing for IT-40RNR, verify the County Code is 95, 96, 97, 98 or 99 for the County of Residence and federal Screen W2 has IN state wages in Box 16. 
RHS-032 Filer Foreign Address, Province or State is not a valid ISO standard code for the indicated country.

Description of Error Code RHS-032

The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) requires the foreign province (or foreign state) code rather than the full name of the province or foreign state for both paper and electronically filed returns. The code may contain letters or numbers and is equivalent to the 2-letter postal abbreviation for the U.S. states.

Resolution: If the taxpayer has a foreign address on federal Screen 1040, you must enter a valid 2-digit code for the foreign province. You cannot leave it blank or enter a period (.). Please refer to IND Publication 1347 for a full list of valid Foreign Province Codes.

SADDBK-IT40-012-02 Line 8, "SchTotalINAddBackAmt", must equal the sum of all addback lines (1-7)."

Description of Error Code SADDBK-IT40-012-02

Line 8 of Schedule 1 does not equal the sum of lines 1-7 most likely due to overrides. Due to the manner in which Indiana electronic schemas are designed, the Indiana electronic record does not recognize overrides on Schedule 1 or Schedule B.

Resolution: Remove any overrides entered on Schedule 1 or Schedule B. If you override Schedule 1 or Schedule B to remove certain add-backs, the return must be paper filed.

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