1040-IN: Lake County Refundable Property Tax Credit

Alerts and notices

Certain low-income taxpayers are allowed to claim a refundable credit on Schedule 5 or Schedule F for real estate taxes paid on primary residence if the homestead is in Lake County. The credit is calculated via the Indiana Lake County Credit Worksheet.

Amounts which include both Code 1 (Principal residence) and State Use code 1 (Payment qualifies for Lake County property tax credit) in the Real estate statement dialog in the Tax Expenses section of federal Screen A in the Itemized Deduction folder are used to determine qualifying payments for the Lake County property tax credit. Use the force field on Screen INCr in the Credits folder to change the amount of qualifying payments.

If you claim the Lake County property tax credit, the taxpayer may not claim the Homeowner’s residential property tax deduction. Per guidance from the Indiana Department of Revenue, the worksheet does not include a deduction for property taxes in the calculation of Modified AGI.