1040-IN ELF: Personal Identification Number

Alerts and notices

An ERO, taxpayer, and spouse (if applicable) must sign an electronically filed Indiana return with a PIN. You cannot electronically file returns without the proper PIN information entered on the federal PIN screen.

If you are electronically filing an Indiana-only return, you must use the Practitioner PIN method. The state does not allow electronically filed state-only returns under the Self-Select PIN method. Choose Setup > Office Configuration > E-Filing tab > ERO button, and enter in the Practitioner PIN Program filer field.

The Electronic Filing Declaration signature document, Form IT-8879, follows federal Form 8879. This form is required when using the Practitioner PIN method or when the taxpayer authorizes the practitioner to enter the taxpayer’s PIN signature under the Self-Select PIN method. Form IT-8879 is not required under the Self-Select PIN method when the taxpayer and spouse enter their own PIN signatures on the electronic return.