1040-IN: Estimates for county tax

Alerts and notices

When making estimated tax payments via Form IT-40ES, the Indiana Department of Revenue requires that you allocate the payment amounts between state tax due and taxpayer/spouse county tax due. The total estimate payment allocates to the taxpayer and spouse county tax based on the current tax year.

Force fields are available on the INEst screen in the Payments folder if you want to allocate a different amount of the estimate payment for each quarter to the taxpayer county tax portion and the spouse county tax portion of Form IT-40ES. If you force amounts, you must enter amounts for each quarter for the taxpayer and spouse. Otherwise, the fields that don't have amounts are treated as zero for purposes of reporting county tax due on Form IT-40ES.


  • Amounts you enter in the force fields only affect the distribution of county and state tax on Form IT-40ES. They do not affect the total amount the taxpayer is paying. If you want to change the quarterly amount the taxpayer will pay, use the fields above in the Estimates - Calculated section.
  • Unlike Form IT-40ES, Form IT-2210 doesn't calculate state (adjusted gross income) tax due and county income tax due separately. Instead, Form IT-2210 penalty is based on total amount due per quarter. Thus, the IN Estimated Tax Payments Worksheet estimate amounts are calculated based on the *total* projected tax due.