Enter a foreign address for Indiana returns (1040)

Alerts and notices

When entering a foreign address on an Indiana return, the Indiana Department of Revenue requires that rather than entering the full name of the province or foreign state, you enter a foreign province or state code in the Foreign province/county field on the federal 1040 screen. 

The foreign province code (not to be confused with the foreign province postal code that you enter in the Zip code field) is an abbreviation for the name of the foreign state or province and can be up to eight characters long. The code may contain letters or numbers and is equivalent to the two-letter postal code abbreviation for U.S. states (i.e. IN, MI, TX, etc.). A complete list of foreign state or province codes is available on the INDOR's website, but the following are a few examples: 

  • Queensland (Australia) = QLD 
  • Prince Edward ISland (Canada) = PE
  • Hokkaido (Japan) = 01

When entering personal representative information on the INGen screen, enter this code in the Foreign province code field. This will supersede a postal code in the State field. 


  • The federal return will also accept the province code rather than the entire name.
  • When you are paper filing an Indiana return, the DOR only wants the first two characters of the foreign province on the paper return. An electronic return will have the entire code.
  • Indiana accepts the same two-letter Foreign country code as the IRS, but will not print on paper returns.