Screen INPYNR - Indiana Part-Year and Nonresident Information (1040)

Alerts and notices


This screen appears only if Indiana is selected as Part-Year resident or Nonresident via File > Client Properties > Indiana tab.

General Information

Use this section to enter taxpayer and spouse residency information to report on Schedule H. If at any time during the year one spouse was a resident of Indiana while the other spouse was not a resident of Indiana, choose File > Client Properties > Indiana tab and choose the option for Part-year resident.

State of residency

Enter the state if the taxpayer or spouse was a resident in only one state for the entire year. If either lived in a foreign country, choose the period (.) or OC. Additional 2-letter codes for foreign provinces may appear in other fields, but aren’t acceptable for Schedule H. This field determines if the taxpayer is eligible to file Form IT-40RNR.

Return filed in state of residency

If the State of residency field has data, use these fields to indicate whether a tax return is being filed for the current year in the resident state of residency.

States of residency

Enter the states and dates of residency if the taxpayer or spouse was a resident in more than one state during the year. You must enter residency information for the entire year. You can enter IN for the residency period attributable to Indiana, if applicable. If either lived in a foreign country, choose the period (.) or OC in the State field.

Instate taxable wages (Force)

Indiana Schedule A, Column B excludes wages for nonresident returns when the resident state is part of the reciprocal agreement (KY, MI, OH, PA, or WI). Part-year residents that have wages (including military) with code IN on the federal W2 screen also displays in Column B. You can force a different amount here.

AGI Worksheet Amounts

Use this section to enter part-year or nonresident information that differs from the calculated amount in the State amounts column of the AGI Worksheet. Calculated amounts are based on the postal code you enter in the federal screens. Review returns with PAL, basis and at-risk adjustments.

Net Indiana rent and royalties reported on federal Schedule E (Force)

Use this field to enter an amount different than the amount calculated for the Rent / Royalty income amount for Column B of Form IT-PNR, IN Schedule A.

Federal net operating loss carryover

The amount of NOL carryover in the federal Amounts column defaults to the taxpayer when the federal filing status is MFJ. Enter the portion of the federal NOL carryover applicable to this state as a positive amount in the Net operating loss carryover taxpayer and spouse fields. These amounts only affect the Indiana AGI Worksheet.