Organizer Questionnaire dialog (Business Organizer)

Alerts and notices

Use this dialog to create, remove, or modify organizer questionnaires. You can add or edit specific questions in a specific questionnaire or create a variety of different questionnaires for use with different clients. For more information, see Creating and modifying Business Organizer questionnaires.

To open this dialog, choose Setup > [Entity] > Organizer tab, then click the Questionnaire button in the Documents group box and select an existing questionnaire in the Open Organizer Questionnaire dialog.

Note: Depending on your security configuration, you might be prompted to enter the master password before you can open any entity type's tab.

Fields & buttons

This field details the questionnaire you are viewing. To create a new questionnaire, choose Document > New from within this dialog.

This list pane contains all questions and other text included in the current questionnaire (displayed in the Question column) as well as the type of question or text (specified in the Type column).

  • To add a new question, click the last row of the questionnaire, enter the desired text, and use the Type drop-down list to specify Instructional Text, Section Heading, Text Question, or Yes/No Question.
  • To edit an existing question, place the text cursor in the applicable row of the Question column and type the desired text.
  • To remove an existing question, select the entire row (or place the text cursor in the applicable row) and either click the Delete Item button on the toolbar or choose Edit > Delete Item.

Click this button to restore the content of the current questionnaire to the default content included with UltraTax CS. Note that this will remove any customized text from the current questionnaire.