Restoring items in UltraTax CS

Alerts and notices

You can restore client data, customized documents (such as elections, transmittal letters, filing instructions, and invoices), system settings (such as preparer, reviewer, and staff member information), product settings (such as miscellaneous setup options, custom statements, and invoice pricing), or data mining information (such as custom searches, reports, and letters), that you previously backed up to an external storage device, a backup location, or FileCabinet CS (if licensed). To do so, follow these steps.

  1. If items were backed up to an external storage device, insert the device into the computer.
  2. Choose File > Restore.

    Note: UltraTax CS defaults to looking for items in drive C. If the information you want to restore is not in drive C, the Clients Not Found dialog opens. Click the option for the item you want to restore, click the Change Backup Location button, navigate to the correct drive and path, and click Continue.

  3. Select the appropriate Data location (if more than one data location exists) to restore the data.
  4. Select Clients, Documents, System settingsProduct settings or Data Mining from the drop-down list in the upper-left corner.
  5. Highlight the items in the left pane that you want to restore, and click the Select or Select All button to move items to the right pane.

    Note: To restore items from FileCabinet CS, mark either the Clients with backups in FileCabinet CS or System backups in FileCabinet CS checkbox in the Focus group box and select the appropriate data location from the Backup drop-down list.

  6. Click the Restore button.
  7. Click Done when the restore process is complete.

    Note: If you restore only one client, the client's return will automatically open after you click Done, unless the return is password protected.


  • If you are searching several external storage devices for a particular item, complete the steps above for the first device. If the item is not on that device, insert the second device and click the Refresh button. UltraTax CS will check the second device for the item to restore and will rebuild the list accordingly.
  • The options that are available in the Focus group box are determined by the type of item you are restoring.


If you restore data that was not backed up via File > Backup in UltraTax CS (for example, the data was copied within Windows Explorer), follow the instructions below to repair and/or rebuild the client list.

  1. Right-click the Start button on your computer, and select Explore.
  2. Navigate to X:\WinCSI\UTYYData (where X is the drive where you store your UltraTax CS data and YY is the application version).
  3. Copy and paste the client data file into the above location.
  4. Close Windows Explorer.
  5. Open UltraTax CS, and choose Help > Repair > Rebuild Client List.


    • When you rebuild the client list, all users must exit UltraTax CS.
    • The time needed for the application to complete this process may depend on the environment and size of the client database.